Boloro's globally patented authentication platform is ideal for banks, governments, e-commerce retailers and others looking to eliminate the risk of theft and fraud and comply with PSD2, GDPR and other regulations. Boloro's authentication platform can be white-labeled, locally hosted and controlled by the licensee. Integration via Boloro’s APIs is quick and easy.

Boloro allows customers to authenticate all kinds of activity through their mobile phone using their Boloro 4-digit SMART PIN. From credit or debit card transactions, to online bank account or email account logins, to all kinds of payment transactions, Boloro’s SMART PIN adds an impregnable layer of security to any activity. Boloro is compatible with all mobile phones, including smartphones and feature phones, and does not require a customer to download an app or have an Internet connection.

Boloro’s ATM-like approach uses what you have (your physical mobile phone) and what you know (your memorized PIN), and separates the authentication process from the actual transaction by using a secure and separate communication channel. Boloro’s authentication process avoids the Internet and the Operating System, providing a separate, secure way to validate Internet-based transactions and other activity. Boloro's authentication solution can work with a password as well as a PIN.

In addition to providing authentication solutions that can layer onto and secure any app or online activity, Boloro also licenses its own mobile payment apps and platforms, including “tap & pay” options for retail, mass transit and other use cases. Please contact Boloro to learn how our solutions can be implemented under your branding and hosting.

Why boloro?

Secure & Reliable

  • Boloro's ATM-like approach to authentication avoids the Internet and the Operating System, which are inherently vulnerable to hacking and malware.
  • Boloro's process is compatible with all mobile phones, including smartphones and feature phones, and does not require an app download or Internet access.

Fraud Elimination & Transparency

  • Boloro’s authentication solution eliminates fraud and disputes and provides a robust audit trail that captures the transaction data down to the millisecond.
  • Boloro’s authentication solution allows all data to be locally hosted on the licensee’s premises behind the licensee’s firewalls.

Experience & Recognition

  • The Boloro management team is highly experienced and has relevant backgrounds in global transactions and payments, as well as technology, telecom, financial services, international management and marketing.
  • Boloro’s globally patented authentication process is certified by the GSMA, and Boloro is a member of the GSMA, the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Allliance and DIACC (Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada) participating in the Innovation Expert Committee of DIACC.
  • Boloro's technology has been featured at the International Identity Summit in Seattle, Future of Banking Summit in Mumbai, India and the European Digital Banking Summit in the U.K.

Our Solutions

Boloro provides authentication and payment solutions for a wide range of use cases across many industries, which can be white-labeled, locally hosted and controlled by the licensee in compliance with all data protection and privacy regulations globally


  • Identity Verification
  • Transaction Validation
  • App Security Login
  • Email/Social Media Account Login
  • Data Account Login
  • Logistics


  • E-Commerce
  • In-Store Retail
  • Bill Payment
  • Funds Transfer
  • Donor Beneficiary Disbursements
  • E-Topup
  • Government
  • Other Payment Solutions


  • Mass Transportation
  • Taxi
  • Parking
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