Patented multi-factor and multi-channel global authentication solution for any mobile phone that puts security in your hands to eliminate fraud


Quick payment processing by simply entering mobile phone number or tapping your phone


Simple and easy authentication and payment methods

Boloro's Multi-Channel & Multi-Factor Authentication helps secure Mobile Banking and Online Banking Logins and Transactions, Boost Cyber Security and Protect Against Fraud

Government, ID Security, Banking, Insurance, Commerce, Logistics, Blockchain, Data & Cyber Security, Trading, Retail, eCommerce

About Us

The Boloro SMART PIN can secure all activities, including transactions, as well as access to data, email, social media accounts, or anything else.

Boloro is a globally patented, multi-channel, multi-factor authentication and mobile payments system that allows users to authenticate any activity using their mobile phone. Boloro’s ATM-like approach uses what you have (your physical mobile phone) and what you know (your memorized PIN), and separates the authentication process from the actual transaction by using the secure, signaling layer of the mobile carrier. Boloro’s authentication process avoids the Internet and the Operating System, providing a separate, secure way to validate Internet-based transactions and other activity.

Boloro allows users to authenticate any activity through their mobile phone using their Boloro 4-digit SMART PIN. From credit or debit card transactions, to online bank account or email account logins, to all forms of payment transactions, Boloro’s SMART PIN adds an impregnable layer of security to any activity. No App download and No Internet Connection is Required.

Boloro’s Patented Process

The Boloro Global management team is highly experienced and has relevant backgrounds in global payments, telecom, international management, as well as global business, financial services and global marketing.

Boloro Global has developed and is operating a payments platform using its own intellectual property, (patented in 49 countries, pending in 38) for mobile payments authentication. Boloro Global works with local companies owned and run by successful local businessmen with extensive experience and respect in their markets.

Boloro is owned and operated by Boloro Global Limited, incorporated in Delaware with headquarters in New York, USA.

Why boloro

Boloro protects your identity, promotes financial inclusion and transparency, and eliminates fraud

Identity & Inclusion

  • Virtually everyone in the world has a mobile phone
  • Boloro uses the phone number as the unique identifier
  • Boloro works on all types of mobile phones
  • Boloro does not require an internet connection, smart phone or an app


  • Boloro "Tap & Pay" & Authentication promotes transparency by replacing cash since cash fuels fraud & lacks transparency
  • Boloro transaction portal provides end-to-end transaction audit trail

Fraud Prevention

  • Boloro's user authentication stops fraud before it occurs, hence saving the payment industry hundreds of billions every year from credit & debit card fraud
  • Boloro's use of the carrier signaling channel, isolated from the internet, prevents hackers from exploiting the single point of failure

Our Solutions


  • Transaction Validation
  • Email/Social Media Account Login
  • Data Account Login
  • App Security Login
  • Logistics
  • Cyber Security


  • E-Commerce
  • In-Store Retail
  • Bill Payment
  • Funds Transfer
  • Donor Beneficiary Disbursements
  • E-Topup
  • Government
  • Other Payment Solutions


  • Mass Transportation
  • Taxi
  • Parking

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